Resilience Programming

At the Street Medicine Institute, we recognize the physical and psychological toll of caring, not only for our rough-sleeping brothers and sisters, but also for ourselves and our families during the coronavirus pandemic.  Given the extraordinary challenge of our work and lives at this time, the Street Medicine Institute is pleased to offer opportunities to connect with and support each other during this pandemic. The Institute's new programming will begin with a series of discussions through Zoom aimed at providing information and meaningful conversation to promote emotional well-being within our street medicine teams and communities. 

If you are interested in helping to develop any of this content or to be a facilitator on small group calls, please contact Liz Frye at [email protected].

Upcoming Resilience Conversations

1. Saturday May 30, 2020 at 11am Eastern (3pm GMT): Mental Health & Psychological First Aid Tools and Resources with Anita Ukani

This resilience conversation will highlight tools derived from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) to assist street medicine colleagues and friends experiencing stress, distress, and mental health crises during the pandemic. Medical student, Anita Ukani, trained in MHFA in Detroit, Michigan, USA to help street medicine patients in crisis prior to the pandemic. She will translate aspects of this training to provide participants with tools for recognizing and offering assistance to friends and colleagues during the pandemic. Please check our calendar for the Zoom Meeting link. 

2. Saturday, June 13, 2020 @ 10am Eastern (2pm GMT): Building Resilience through Reflective Practice with Maria Fordham, RN, RM(L), RHV, BA, PhD

This resilience conversation will assist participants in identifying and modifying their emotions, cognitions, and behaviors during the pandemic to promote individual-level resilience factors. Dr. Fordham is a retired Senior Lecturer from the University of Bedfordshire and NHS Public Health in the UK. Please check our calendar for the Zoom Meeting link. 

Future Resilience Conversation dates to be announced!

Weekly Reflection Groups:

These small-group meetings are a component of the Street Medicine Institute’s efforts to support mental wellbeing of and build resilience within the street medicine workforce given the potential psychological challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. These conversations will occur weekly and are intended to provide a space for participants to talk about and provide support for each other through the emotional ups and downs of the pandemic and its aftermath. Each group will have a facilitator and will involve some reflective practice. 

Current groups:

1. Mondays @ 2pm Eastern (6pm GMT) - for nurses only (includes all nursing professions); starts Monday June 1, 2020

Please email [email protected] to sign up.


2. Tuesdays @ 4pm Eastern (8pm GMT) - open to all; starts Tuesday June 2, 2020

Click here to register:


3. Saturdays @ 3:30pm Eastern (7:30pm GMT) - for students; ongoing, started Saturday May 9, 2020.

Please email [email protected] for additional information.

If you do not find a day and time that fits your schedule, there is space on the sign-up sheet for requesting alternative days and times.

 Previous Resilience Conversations

 1. Pandemic Resilience Conversations: Overview of Psychological Impact and Resilience 

The first in this series occurred on Saturday, May 2, 2020 and was led by Drs. Nick Maguire and Liz Frye. To view the slides, click here.


2. Pandemic Resilience Conversations: Leadership and its Impact on Resilience

On May 14th, 2020, the Street Medicine Institute hosted its 2nd webinar and discussion in our Resilience Conversations series. This session focuses on the role of leadership in promoting resilience and features Matt Bennett as our speaker.  Afterwards, participants discussed issues surrounding leadership during the pandemic with Matt Bennett and Liz Frye, MD. To view the slides, click here.