SMI Program Collaborations Around the World

The map below depicts most of the cities throughout the world where Street Medicine Institute leaders have engaged in collaborative efforts toward the development and improvement of Street Medicine Programs.  To become a Program Member, click here.




Watch this video to learn more about a bill in the CA State Senate, the Street Medicine Act, and to see Brett Feldman and the USC Street Medicine team in action!

The Vice Chair of the Street Medicine Institute, Brett Feldman, PA-C, is leading a group of supporters for AB 369: The Street Medicine Act, authored by California Senator, Sydney Kamlager. The Street Medicine Act officially recognizes the street as a legitimate place to deliver healthcare, and makes Street Medicine Providers direct access providers, meaning they can access insurance benefits for patients regardless of which primary care physician they are empaneled to by their insurance, and receive payment for care delivered. By recognizing street medicine, we are validating and honoring the lives of the people we serve. 

STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY against systemic violence

The Board of Directors of the Street Medicine Institute whole-heartedly endorses the National Health Care for Homeless Council's statement condemning the recent violent murders of eight Asian American people near Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Police statements after the murders attributing the perpetrator's actions to sex addiction further promoted a racist, misogynistic, blame-the-victim narrative.  We recognize that racism, xenophobia, and white national extremism are not unique to the United States and that anti-Asian rhetoric and violence has been intensifying throughout the world in the past year.  The Street Medicine Institute continues its commitment to support street medicine teams throughout the world in fighting structural and systemic violence against people of color, women, sex-workers, religious minorities and others that promotes marginalization, poor health, poverty, and homelessness. We remain in solidarity with you and our brothers and sisters sleeping rough.

The Street Medicine Institute Board of Directors