Street Medicine in the News


Private In-equity: Whose Interests Do We Serve?

Street Medicine Team Taking Treatment to New Levels in Orange County

Street medicine teams search for homeless people to deliver lifesaving IV hydration in extreme heat

Hartford Symposium Focuses on Health Care for the Unhoused

Pennsylvania Recognized for Pioneering Street Medicine for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Street Medicine Team Working to Take Care of Homeless in Albuquerque

How Shots Instead of Pills Could Change California’s Homeless Crisis

Jack Pregar, the Street Doctor Who Took Care of Kolkata’s Poorest for 40 Years

“Go to the People” - Pittsburgh Quarterly

Poor Foot Health Becomes an Unbreakable Cycle for Homeless People

Munson Pledges $300,000 to Traverse Health Clinic to Support Street Medicine Program

Homeless in Oklahoma: Sacrificing healthcare for daily survival

Medicaid’s New Policy Boosts Street Medicine in the US

Hospitalists as Disruptors in Healthcare

Street Medicine Teams Treat the Unhoused in Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, and Elsewhere

They Sacrificed to Care for Family and Ended Up on the Street

Omaha doctors, nurses hit the streets to provide medical care

How to make house calls for people without houses

USC Street Medicine Surpasses Growth Expectations, Hitting Multiple Milestones to Start 2024

USC Street Medicine teams treat the homeless one patient at a time

Universities’ workforce initiatives aim to help California address mental health challenges

Documentary tells story of Operation Safety Net

USC Street Medicine Surpasses Growth Expectations, Hitting Multiple Milestones to Start 2024

Meeting the Health and Social Needs of America’s Unhoused and Housing-Unstable Populations: A position Paper from the American College of Physicians

‘Street Medicine’ Helps Those Who Fall Through Healthcare’s Cracks

Universities’ Workforce Initiatives Aim to Help California Address Mental Health Challenges

Street Medicine Program Expands on Hawai’i Island

How Medical Students are Leading the Charge on Street Medicine

Perspective: Finding a Place to Be Somebody

Street Medicine Team Treats Cowtown’s Homeless

DHS Secretary Arkoosh Visits Street Medicine Provider in Pittsburgh, Highlights Shapiro Administration’s Expansion of Health Care Coverage Through Medicaid

On the move: Mobile health teams are taking medicine to the street in Philly


Health care ‘game-changer’? Feds boost care for homeless Americans

Pregnant and addicted: Homeless women see hope in street medicine

To End the HIV Epidemic, We Need to Reach Unsheltered Homeless Populations

Street medicine, no longer uncompensated, goes for more

Summit on homelessness emphasizes the significance of including sources with lived experience

Under historic rule, providers will get paid for treating the homeless

How ‘patient-centered’ street medicine is eliminating barriers to care

Street medicine programs expanding, but is funding sustainable?

As Wildfire Smoke Chokes Wisconsin, People Without Housing are Especially at Risk

Launching the Street Medicine Selective: The Power of Community & Collaboration To Make An Idea Come Alive

Grandfather's Cancer Leads Mayo Clinic Student to Medicine and Helping Others

Lancaster Street Medicine Program Meets Patients Where They Are

Local Gathering of Vincentian Family in Pittsburgh/Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Street Medicine LA: The Heroes of the Urban Homeless Crisis

Resurrection Drug? FDA Approves Over-the-counter Narcan Amid Opioid Crisis

Doctor Explains Why Los Angeles' Homeless Deaths Are On the Rise | Brett Feldman

LifeLong Street Medicine Team Featured In New Film

USC Street Medicine Team to Train Health Care Workers Around the State

Health Net Awards $1.5 Million Grant to Keck School of Medicine to Enable Street Medicine Teams to Better Serve Unsheltered Populations Across California

Season 4: Episode 58 - Street Medicine and Brett Feldman, MSPAS, PA-C

More Street Medicine Teams Are Helping Unhoused Angelenos Access Care

Denise’s Last Days
A Woman Who Lived Her Life Homeless in Los Angeles Almost Got the Help She Needed. Her Story Shows Everything Could Be Different.

National Grant Aims to Improve North Siders Health By Addressing Complex Issues

Street Psychiatrists Build Trust, Offer Hope to Homeless Patients With SMI


As Numbers of California Homeless Rise, Medi-Cal Funds Street Medicine Teams

HHRC Webinar: Trauma-Informed Outreach and Engagement Learning Community Session 4

How Healthcare Fails the Homeless 

Street Medicine at Pitt serves Pittsburghers without homes — and educates future medical professionals

Understanding the Practice of Street Medicine: Providing care to homeless patients outside clinic walls requires trust-building, flexibility, and respect for individuals’ unique experiences and wishes

Pittsburgh doctor has spent 30 years making ‘house calls’ to those living on the streets

Dr. Jim Withers and Pittsburgh Mercy's Operation Safety Net Celebrate 30 Years of Protecting the Health, Safety, and Well-Being of Allegheny County's Most Vulnerable Residents

Healing Leadership featuring Dr. Jim Withers, Founder of The Street Medicine Institute

Promoting Safety in Street Outreach

How to Treat the Homelessness One Patient At a Time? - Brett Feldman

What Are the Barriers to Treating Homelessness?

Why We Can't Ignore Homelessness As a Society?

8.26 Clinical Conference Series - The Practice of Street Medicine- Brett Feldman, MSPAS, PA-C


House Calls Without Walls: Street Medicine Delivers Primary Care to Unsheltered Persons Experiencing Homelessness

Street Medicine Programs Improvise to Meet Shifting Challenges

Transcending Principles of Street Medicine and Its Role in Healing by Brett Feldman, MSPAS, PA-C

Keck School Of Medicine Program Brings Medical Care To LA's Unhoused Residents

This work speaks to my heart’: A student helps take primary medicine to the street

Street Medicine for Unsheltered Individuals: Serving People Where They Are

Street Medics Battle Bureaucracy to Bring Health Care to the Homeless

Unhoused People Rarely See A Doctor. The Street Medicine Bill May Change That

AB-369: California considering paying doctors to give street medicine to homeless

There’s a race to recognize ‘street medicine’ in California to provide proper care to the L.A.’s homeless

Interview with Director of Street Medicine Brett Feldman Who Breaks Down Bill AB-369 That Is Before California’s State Senate

Street medicine providers can’t get reimbursed by Medi-Cal. A state bill could change that

From the hospital to the streets: Bringing care to the unsheltered homeless in Los Angeles

New outreach, new law could boost health care for homeless people

HHRC Webinar: Street Medicine for Unsheltered Individuals—Serving People Where They Are

USC Street Medicine on Skid Row: We Can't Let Homeless People Die

The death rate of homeless individuals is up 30% this year in LA | Dr Brett Feldman wants to fix it


Trauma-Informed & Harm Reduction Interview with Dr. Liz Frye 

City and AHN to Partner on Support for Those Experiencing Homelessness

Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net answers COVID-19 challenges

'I want to feel human again': Volunteers bring medical care to the homeless

How these CNN Heroes are fighting Covid-19 on the front lines

Trauma-Informed & Harm Reduction Interview with Dr. Liz Frye

USC program studying best ways to provide healthcare to LA's homeless

Finding patients where they live: Street medicine grows, along with homeless population

Boots on the ground: 'Street medicine' team serving Bakersfield's homeless

A Street Medicine Expert on Keeping Homeless People Safe From COVID-19

This Is the Burning Building.' Inside One Man’s Mission to Treat LA’s Homeless for COVID-19

Dispatches From the Front Lines

Penn State alum helps vulnerable homeless population during pandemic

House calls for the homeless - How Portland Street Medicine is bringing desperately needed health care to the homeless

MoceanLab and USC Keck School of Medicine Launch Program to Help USC’s Street Medicine Team Deliver Care to L.A.’s Homeless Residents

MoceanLab to Help Deliver Care to L.A.’s Homeless Residents

USC community steps up to help the unsheltered homeless population in L.A. through COVID-19

Street Medicine: Caring for the Homeless with Radical Humility | Brett Feldman | TEDxGrandPark


J.C. Lewis Primary Healthcare Hosts 3rd Annual Gala

Dr. Jim Withers, Street Medicine Pioneer, Visits The Night Ministry

Street Medicine Pioneer Heals Homeless Communities

Dr. James S. Withers, MD, FACP, on 26 years of treating the homeless and living by the motto, "Go to the people."

Street Medicine Brings Health Care To Atlanta’s Homeless

Mayor Peduto Issues Dr. Jim Withers Key to City

They Bring Medical Care To The Homeless And Build Relationships To Save Lives

Street Medicine - A Home For High Quality Medical Care For People Experiencing Homelessness

Bringing medicine to the streets

Researchers develop new information tool to standardize clinical outreach to unsheltered homeless

The homeless often don't receive health care in California despite qualifying for free insurance

USC research team's unique 'street medicine' approach offers care for L.A. homeless, prompting many to find housing

USC Street Medicine on BBC


Dr. Jim Withers: Bringing “street medicine” to the homeless

Street Medicine

Dr. Jim Withers, Street Medicine, Street Medicine Institute, Pittsburgh Inspired

Street Medicine: PAs Deliver Healthcare to the Homeless

Administrative Concerns in Street Medicine: Assuring Quality without Sacrificing Mission


Lights, Camera, Action! Street Rounds with Dr. Jim Withers 

Street Medicine Brings Health Care to the Homeless

Pittsburgh physician who dressed like the homeless to treat them

Dr. Jim Withers Will Receive Honorary Doctorate at Carlow University Commencement

Jim Withers, M.D., Street Doctor

Dr. Jim Withers: A doctor to the homeless

Allentown a meeting spot for international effort to treat homeless population

Meeting People Where They Are: An Interview with Trailblazer Jim Withers, MD

Jim Withers, M.D., 2017 Johnson Institute Exemplary Leadership Award Winner

Remembrance wall at LVHN-One City Center honors memory of Street Medicine patients

Allentown a meeting spot for international effort to treat homeless population

Street Medicine - Brett and Corinne Feldman are humble people.

How 'street medicine' saved one hospital $3.7M in ED costs

Close to Home - Street Medicine


Outside the Pill Box: The Systems-Based Practice of Psychiatry

Psychiatry in the Streets: Unique Services for People Experiencing Homelessness

Dr. Jim Withers founder of Operation Safety Net speaking in Kalamazoo

Meet the doctor who treats the homeless

Street medicine' practitioner makes house calls for the homeless

Allentown physician assistant Feldman practices 'street medicine'

Health Care And Homelessness: Foundation Funding

Long a niche, street medicine for homeless heads mainstream

The Clinician Who Makes House Calls for the Homeless


Why Pittsburgh’s Dr. Jim Withers is a CNN Top Ten Hero

Street medicine for Tshwane’s inner city

Operation Safety Net: Dr. Jim Withers Serves in the Streets of Pittsburgh

The Street Medicine Movement | Jim Withers | TEDxPittsburgh

CNN Heroes Tribute: Dr. Jim Withers


Doctor focuses on street medicine

Pittsburgh Doctor Heads to the Streets to Treat the Homeless – and Finds Them Homes

Operation Safety Net, Free Medical Service For The Homeless, Is What We Wish American Health Care Really Looked Like

House calls to the homeless


Webinar: Tailoring Outreach for the HCH Field


A Man and His Mission: Dr. Jim Withers

“Street Doctors”


WVU’s Global Health Week starts Nov. 14

A Man and His Mission: Dr. Jim Withers

Doctor's street medicine helps cure homelessness

Street Truth

Street Medicine: Dr. Jim Withers talks makes housecalls to homeless people 

Street Medicine: Mark Horvath Interviews Doctor James Withers with Friends [video two]


Breaking Down Barriers – Patient Centered Psychiatry

Street Medicine: Making House Calls to The Homeless


Casting A 'Safety Net' For The Homeless

House calls for homeless people in the USA


The Invisible Epidemic: Poor and mentally ill in Georgia


Taking medicine to the streets: Health team cares for city's homeless