SMI Student Coalition

The Street Medicine Institute is proud to announce the creation of its Student Coalition, our first group focused on street medicine programs run by students worldwide.  

The Street Medicine Institute Student Coalition (SMISC) focuses on uniting all students interested in street medicine to share best practices, resources, ideas and research. SMISC is dedicated to helping students start and grow street medicine programs that provide quality healthcare to the unsheltered homeless where they live.

"All students are welcome and encouraged to join the SMISC”, says Brianne Feldpausch, a third-year medical student at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and SMISC’s Chief Coordinator. “Through our community of cross-learning, we hope to more efficiently improve quality of care for people experiencing homelessness throughout the world.” 

SMISC is also a place for university leaders, advisors and health providers who work with student-run street medicine teams.

The SMISC Story

The SMISC has come to fruition due to the energy of street medicine student leaders at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. They envisioned a group that could draw together students involved in street medicine with a dedicated place to discuss the particular challenges, benefits and best practices for student-run groups.With encouragement and approval from the Street Medicine Institute’s board, which has long imagined such an organization, SMISC is off and running.

SMISC’s initial membership represents 30 existing student-run street medicine programs in 17 states, plus Puerto Rico. A further nine coalition members are actively developing street medicine programs at their health professional schools. 

By leveraging the ideas, experiences and momentum of students passionate about street medicine, SMISC will be a one-stop shop for students to learn from each other, receive support and position their individual street medicine group for success. With an aim to create a robust community, Feldpausch encourages all students involved in or interested in street medicine to join SMISC.

“As a member of the SMISC, you will have access to a library of online student resources, webinars by global Street Medicine leaders, opportunities to be featured in our newsletter and volunteer with other programs, and more,” she says. “We look forward to collaborating with you!”

SMISC Mission Statement:

The Street Medicine Institute Student Coalition is dedicated to promoting inclusive, reality-based, person-centered care for our unsheltered homeless community members throughout the world. We strive to inspire and equip students to provide high-quality Street Medicine through transdisciplinary student, consumer, and community collaboration. Viewing the streets as a classroom for social justice with the privilege to empathetically learn from the people, we hope to instill the transcending principles of Street Medicine throughout healthcare systems.