Educator Coalition

The Educator Coalition’s mission is to set up a framework by which street medicine providers could be formally trained to acknowledge and address the isolation, suffering and health inequities experienced by people experiencing unsheltered homelessness in our society with humility and love.

This is accomplished by:

  • Immersion in the street environment to promote patient-led care through solidarity and a radical commitment to the realities of those living on the street
  • Offering instruction and mentorship from other experienced street medicine programs and providers around the world 
  • Developing advocacy skills which reflect and authentically represent the voice of the people we serve
  • Promoting academic research and scholarly activities to further develop the field of street medicine and its philosophy
  • Offering instruction on the fundamentals of street medicine program development
  • Developing creative problem-solving skills, flexibility and adaptability when working with medical systems and policy to cater to those living on the street 
  • Organizing and advocating for street medicine on institutional, public, governmental, and academic levels
  • Giving guidance and support as the clinician explores definitions of success, redefines their professional identity and builds resiliency within the field of street medicine

For more information, please reach out to [email protected]