Join us for the 19th Annual International Street Medicine Symposium in London, England, at the historic Mary Ward House

A pre-symposium workshop will be offered on September 27. 

Registration opens June 2023 and will be announced via email and on social media!

We are honoured to be appointed as the London based delivery partner for this International Street Medicine Symposium.  We will be working with the Street Medicine Institute to design a programme for 2023 that showcases the lived experience of people in London alongside London’s latest improvements and innovations in street medicine. Global exchange of learning is essential to transforming care and we look forward to forging generative relationships with other world cities.

-Jemma Gilbert OBE FRSA (Director of Transformation) and Liza Collins (Deputy Director Homeless Health) at Transformation Partners in Health and Care (TPHC) 


London is a lens that brings global health challenges into sharp focus. Recent events, not least the pandemic, have amplified pre-existing inequities across the world, reversing a century of gains in life expectancy and exposing millions to the injuries of poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Increasing numbers of people are now sleeping rough in London and facing huge danger and life limiting health harms. This is a collective moral injury to society. Street Medicine has grown into an international movement bringing compassion, solutions and innovation into the widening void between people and essential services. Healthcare informed by both lived and learned experience is central to its values. We share these values and are delighted to be chosen to host ISMS 19 in London 2023. We very much look forward to welcoming you. 

-Prof Al Story (UCLH Find&Treat) and Prof Andrew Hayward (UCL/UKHSA)