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Thoughts from Irene McFadden, Immediate Past Chair and SMI Treasurer

Dave DeciIt is with deep sadness the SMI Board of Directors mourns the loss of our colleague and friend, Dr. David Deci. It remains shocking to be thinking of Dave retrospectively - I still find myself wishing to discuss some nuanced matter with him or looking forward to seeing his face on the next zoom call and hearing about his post-retirement life in New England. We invite the SMI community to share your memories and reflections of Dave. These will remain as a memorial to him and to his tireless work for the unsheltered homeless.

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NarrativesOut in the water - someone is flailing as they struggle to keep their head above the surface. They look exhausted. A bystander dives into the waves to help them swim back to the shore. Later, the bystander gets asked about their actions...

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