Congrats On An Amazing ISMS 18!

What an amazing symposium we all just witnessed a few short weeks ago! I had such a great week and wish to congratulate and thank many of you who helped make it so successful:

  • Dr. Andrew Bond and Payam Pakravan, from ICHA, whose thoughtful leadership helped us prepare and execute a truly inspiring symposium in Toronto.
  • ISMS 18 groupDr. Liz Frye, who gives much of her free time to chair the symposium committee, inspired us all with her commitment to leading us in-person at the event.
  • ICHA partners: Gattuso Center for Social Medicine, Green Door Project, University of Toronto Department of Family & Community Medicine
  • SMI Operations Manager, Suzanne, for her leadership and wizardry in solving many problems before they ever occurred.
  • SMI Executive Director, Rachael, although she could not attend in-person, Rachael co-led with Liz and Suzanne on much of the behind-the-scenes work that helped make the symposium successful.
  • The Street Medicine Institute Volunteer Board of Directors: while many were able attend in-person, this group contributed through leading individual sessions, as well as serving as greeters and problem-solvers.
  • ISMS 18 presenterThe Hilton staff and chefs, who worked late-nights and early-mornings to feed us and tend to our ever-changing needs of chair formations. 

Feedback and ratings from those who attended continues to pour-in (please continue to send us feedback!), with the vast majority being extremely positive. Our historical ratings for in-person symposia typically set high-marks for similar style conferences, and this past symposium was no exception. 
I hope to see many of you again in-person for next year’s symposium, ISMS 19! We are still working out the final logistical arrangements of the location, and we plan to share the details for planning purposes very soon.

Steve Perry
Chair, Street Medicine Board of Directors 

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